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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hishamuddin Hussein Onn - From Roughcut To Brilliant Polish

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  • Sometimes it takes a crisis for someone to emerge as a leader. For Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, the MH370 crisis seems to have been his moment.
  • In the first four days, there was a lot of confusion with contradictory statements
  • Hishammuddin took charge and things started coming together.
  • Eloquent and professional
  • Live press conferences were conducted at 5.30pm almost daily
  • Hishammuddin, 52, who holds a Masters Degree in Law from the London School of Economics, and is comfortable speaking both English and Bahasa Malaysiashared information about the mystery of the missing plane that had caught the attention of a worldwide audience.
  • He was eloquent and professional. 
  • able to maintain his composure and answer calmly.
  • not afraid to show emotion when dealing with grieving and angry family 
  • He apologised when security grabbed distraught Chinese national
  • His active engagement on Twitter and Facebook won him huge number of fans
  • Victor Lopez, 15-year-old from France, wrote of his admiration and ask autograph 
  • pol scientist Prof  Sivamurugan says “huge winds of change” in way he handled media
  • actually Hishammuddin’s real personality and character 
  • patient in engaging people and showed a different level of confidence
  • said all the right things that we wanted to hear and this was appreciated
  • “He wasn’t arrogant, didn’t make uncalled for remarks 
  • He managed somehow to pull people together.
  • Suddenly, he has become the spokesperson for the nation
  • And now you have people referring to him as the next PM in waiting,”
  • year ago Hishammuddin got a lot of flak over how he dealt with the Sulu gunmen 
  • Dr Sivamurugan thinks Hishammuddin has learnt from that experience.
  • He has become more open and more transparent. 
  • People want to look at facts and he is trying to give them that and restore confidence
  • It boosted his strong determination.”
  • UKM’s Dr Muhd Takiyuddin Ismail says Hishammuddin "convincing & very cool” 
  • “people confident of his handling of the crisis. .
  • It has also changed people’s perception of him,” he says.
  • Hishammuddin has now become a “hot commodity”, he feels.
  • Hisham went to Everly Hotel with his wife to meet Malaysian families 
  • Hishammuddin and his wife have shown that they can mingle easily with ordinary folk
  • Dr K. S. Bala feels Hisham has “changed so much” compared to Youth Chief days 
  • I think what we are seeing today is the real Hishammuddin,” he says.
  • Dr Bala feels there is now “a maturity and good ..leadership” from Hisham 
  • credits him for the multilateral defence co-operation.
  • Good job
  • a lot of effort and work to get 26 countries to work together 
  • “..he has been doing an excellent job..,” he says
  • “A leader has to manage information responsibly and very carefully. He should not bow to pressure from the media and should only reveal when he is very sure of the information. A leader can’t be playing the predictive game,” he says
  • some of the criticism levelled against Malaysia has been very unfair.
  • “This type of crisis would put anybody in a spot”.
  • “..government’s credibility. If he handles it well, then credit will go to government.”
My comments :  Well it must be that Masters Degree in Law from the London School of Economics which has taught Hisham that crisp English and to be precise and factual in answering questions. 

Yes it does take a crisis to bring out different sides to people. Hishammuddin Hussein Onn hasundergone two major crises within a spate of just 12 months.  

His first major crisis was more personal, when he lost the popular vote in UMNO's latest Vice Presidential race to Mukhriz Mahathir. However Hisham carried the Divisional votes which retained his place as an UMNO VP. The shocker for Hisham at that time was that Mukhriz was not even an early contender.  Hisham was really caught blindsided. 

Mukhriz's strong run made two loud statements - 

i. for the UMNO party that there is no lack of potential leaders in UMNO. Change is possible.
ii. for Hisham it was obvious that he had been let down by many Division chiefs. This is party politics. It comes with the territory. 

The second major crisis is of course the MH370 situation.  Hisham has come out very well handling the MH 370 matter.   The Times of the UK labelled Hisham a world class statesman for this.

Today's glowing appraisal by so many political scientists and by The Star is further evidence that the world sees a different side to Hishammuddin Hussein Onn. The country certainly needs good, strong leadership. Hisham is stepping up to the plate. Hence if the UMNO Elections were held today, Hisham may fare much more differently.  UMNO (like any other party) will fall in behind anyone who shows good leadership.

Just a few days into the MH370 crisis, a lawyer friend, who is anti UMNO and anti BN said, "Can see lah he is Prime Minister material".  The Star says that people are referring to Hisham as the prime minister in waiting now.

Hisham is also handling Tony Fernandes bullying tactics quite well.  Hisham has said that the KLIA2 will open on May 2nd 2014. All other airlines have already agreed to move to the KLIA2. All operations at the old LCCT will cease by May 9, 2014.  

Talk is (little bird whispered lah) that Tony Fernandes is asking for a cash subsidy of RM200 million a year. Also that Tony may want a waiver of any increases in airport charges for five years or other such period (which he secured before from Abdullah Badawi when Badawi's family were shareholders of Air Asia).  Hishammuddin is holding firm against all these bully tactics.  

The weakpoint is the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Being clueless, the Prime Minister listens to the snakes in Khazanah and the other "stakeholders" who are determined to destroy MAS and kill MAHB in favour of Air Asia.  They are all linked.

The only person standing in their way now is Hishammuddin Hussein Onn. Hang on Dato Sri. Dont let them get to you or get past you. 

A leader must step forward.  Leaders must lead.  Leaders must be brave and bold. This is an essential requirement. A leader must have good ideas.  Honesty and fairness to all and sundry in the realm are other basic qualities of a good leader.  And leaders must surround themselves with good capable people.  If a good leader is surrounded by crooks, snakes and thieves he will not be a leader for long.

I hope Hishammuddin Hussein Onn's metamorphosis will gain momentum. We really need good leadership in this country. 

Updated : Here is a You Tube of Hisham visiting KLIA2.


  1. Wow !! I hope Hishamuddin Hussein Onn's metamorphosis will gain momentum. We really need good leadership in this country...insyaallah.

  2. A diamond buried in the mud is a diamond.No one can change that. Circumstances has made a rough diamond named Hishamuddin gain his shine and brilliance. True he is a true statesman who does not bark at shadows without seeing what is behind it. He does not explode or make accusations when dirty crooked fingers pointed at him and accusing him of hiding the truth regarding the unfortunate MH370. Yes let us pray his metamorphosis will gain momentum for Malaysia's sake. But we must not forget...in this 21st century, butterflies can remetamorphose themselves into snakes and coil themselves around Hishamuddin.